A Present, Accountable Partner

Ruth Mott - A Short Biography

My multifaceted background has significantly contributed to my abilities and success as an executive coach. More than anything, my experience has taught me how to be a truly helpful partner for my clients.

My experience includes 15 years as an executive in the healthcare industry, 4 years as an administrator, producer and director in public television, and 8 years as a consultant.

As Director of the Healthcare Studies Unit for the Tri-State Regional Medical Program, I helped state agencies, hospitals, clinics, and other health delivery systems across three states improve their services and become more effective, and available to their various constituencies. I was Elected Chairman of the Massachusetts Health Planning Data Committee. This thirty-member committee consisting of twenty major health and welfare agencies in Massachusetts asked, and trusted me to lead them through the development and eventual passage of new healthcare legislation which ultimately affected every resident of the State.

In public television I became an expert at designing and delivering clear, concise, compelling messages, and teaching others how to do the same.

As a consultant I worked with a very broad range of businesses - from electronics to colleges to global corporations. Typical projects included working with companies to align their teams to support their business objectives, make better hiring decisions, increase individual productivity, and inspire and implement action and change.

I did not stand on the sidelines just "offering up" my opinions and ideas. My experience and commitment to my clients, whether they were companies or individuals, enabled me to clearly understand their problems, challenges, and expectations. Each client successfully navigated through the issues and implemented effective, practical solutions.

I have become a real collaborative partner for my clients - someone who is present and accountable. As a coach, this is what I am most proud of.