Testimonials to Experience and Benefits

Mott Coaching Clients' Comments

President and COO, eLampros
"More than a coach, Ruth is one of the most valued members of my executive team. More than a member of my team, Ruth brings real world, real time experience to the table from her efforts with each of the businesses and charities she touches on a weekly basis. It is hard to place a value on this combination; it is one of our competitive advantages."

Regional Manager of Customer Services for the Americas, Fortune 500 Company
"Working with Ruth has not only changed my work style and effectiveness as a senior manager, but she has become my conscience. She is in my head at all times and when I have to make a difficult decision, my first thought is "What would Ruth advise me to do?"

Global Head of Special Projects, Fortune 500 Company
"Working with Ruth allowed me to learn more about myself. I gained insights into different approaches and options in problem solving. With her wide range of knowledge and her sharp business sense Ruth always made me feel comfortable and confident with my decisions."

Independent Consultant
"Ruth's feedback is immediate, supportive and constructive. This makes it a pleasure to work with her and makes changes in perception and attitude go much faster - better results, sooner - what business doesn't want that? Ruth's warm yet professional manner enables her to establish rapport quickly. I trust Ruth and readily seek her feedback and advice. And she's so much fun to work with."

Founder, Bluestreak
"I'm used to learning things on an intellectual level. Like most people, I thought that a speaker's role was to merely inform or broadcast information. Ruth understood, well before I did, that my 'head' was in my way. I'm grateful that Ruth used untraditional methods, because they challenged me to move outside the lines of traditional corporate behavior. Ruth helped me to see beyond mere mechanics and to view myself through a different lens."

Private Consultant
"In the eight years that I have worked with her, Ruth has enabled me to find what is true about me. She takes a no-nonsense approach to bringing out and sharpening my strengths. She has enabled me to realize more of my potential to lead, communicate and create."

Superintendent of Schools, Arlington Massachusetts
"In a few sessions ... Ruth's coaching helped me land the job of my dreams! Thanks Ruth."

'Dear Ruth, Following is a testimonial for your consideration. Of course, it doesn't do justice to the positive impact you've had on my life: "My time with Ruth Mott has been one of the most defining experiences of my entire life. When I finally write the book on everything I've slogged through to get resituated at the midlife of my career, it'll be dedicated to Ruth Mott."

CEO, Benchmark Logistics
"Hi Ruth, You are a fantastic coach! Trully brilliant, fun, firm in your resolve to help me help myself (which just isn't easy), kind, and most wonderful to me is your depth of compasion which always equates to wisdom. It has been more than a year now that we have worked together and what a blessing you have been to me."

These clients are available to discuss their experiences working with me. If you would like to share in the benefits they have enjoyed, give me a call on (888) 209-5587 or send me an e-mail - you'll be pleased you did!