A Spectrum of Partnerships

Mott Coaching Clients and Scope

The Ruth Mott Biography Page outlines my wide range of professional experience and expertise. As an executive coach, I have been similarly fortunate to work with a broad spectrum of clients from interesting and diverse fields. Following is a 'snapshot' of clients and the scope of coaching we engaged in together.

Vice President
Global Insurance Company
Develop strategies for effective communication within and among divisions

Senior Advisor
Health Trust in the UK
Clarify goals and design approach for achieving recognition for successful operations in multiple hospitals

Engineering Firm
Clarify priorities and develop approach to balancing several opportunities simultaneously

Chief GI Surgeon
Large East Coast Teaching Hospital
Develop effective working team and create more stable communication patterns

Marketing Specialist,
Global Manufacturing Company
Help create dynamic resumé and interviewing stories to best demonstrate experience for next level position

Whatever business goals or personal objectives you are pursuing, I can help you attain them quickly and effectively. Plus, you will enjoy yourself on the journey and most likely become a better person in the process.

If you would like to talk about your situation, give me a call on (888) 209-5587 or send me an e-mail - you'll be one step closer to your ambition.