Enhance Values, Vision, and Behaviors

Who Can Mott Executive Coaching Help?

If you are thinking about hiring a coach, you are ready for one. People decide to get a coach for many reasons. For example:

  1. My team and I are not communicating and I’m feeling very frustrated.
    Working with me, you will develop sharper insights into how your communications – spoken and unspoken – affect your teams and colleagues. You will hone your skills to effectively convey your expectations.
  2. My organization is changing and I want more control over my next steps.
    Sometimes change is good, sometimes not. We will determine how the change may be affecting the organization and you in particular, and what you can do – realistically – to make the right moves.
  3. I am advancing to a more senior position and want to be as ready as I can.
    I will help you develop your ability to think strategically across your organization, and inspire others to believe in and follow you.
  4. I am preparing to promote one of my staff, but I am not sure if that person is truly ready.
    Together we will work on developing and practicing the mentoring and feedback skills necessary for helping newly-promoted staff and team members excel.
  5. I received some feedback that really shook me up!
    This can be a golden opportunity for growth and development. Together, we will examine, evaluate, and address the core reasons for such feedback. Whether it’s from the bottom up or the top down, you will know how to change negative perceptions.
  6. I am overwhelmed at work, and worried that sooner or later I will "miss something."
    I will help you successfully manage – not juggle – your responsibilities and tasks. Through our conversations you will know where, when and how to best spend your time and energy.

If you see yourself in any of these scenarios, or in any other like situation, give me a call or send me an e-mail with your phone number and I will call you. It won’t cost you anything and I promise you will receive a valuable idea or two.

Successful coaching clients are ready to:

  • Explore values, vision, and behaviors
  • Examine how their own behaviors and actions affect the system
  • Try new things and take risks

You would NOT call me if:

  • You are not ready or willing to hear the truth
  • You are not ready or willing to change
  • You want someone to tell you you're perfect

"Where there’s a will, there’s a way… and for me, thank goodness there also was a Ruth Mott to help me rediscover both." John Viehman, Publisher