Personal and Leadership Development

How Mott Executive Coaching Will Help

Together, we will look at your behaviors, decisions, and communications within the organization and analyze their effects on the business, your colleagues, and friends. Our objective will be to change whatever isn’t working, identify different techniques and approaches that fit your style, and then measure the outcome of your new way of operating in terms of your effectiveness to get things done. This is sometimes the hardest part but the payoff is golden.

How will we do this? I will:

  • directly and compassionately tell you the truth, so we can move forward quickly
  • connect with you by understanding your interests and your passions
  • use ideas from business, science, literature, and music to help you see things from different viewpoints - Science helps tell us "what", and the arts help tell us "how."
  • Engage my keen sense of humor (developed in NY and Boston, honed in NH) because some fun helps make a lot of progress!

Together, with one-on-one coaching on the phone and depending on your needs, I will help you:

Our time together will help you connect with what you love about your work and your life. You will probably become a better friend too.

If you think I can help you - and I know I can - please send me a message or give me a call on (888) 530-7718 and we can talk it over.

"I was ready to take my business to the next level but was lacking the skill and discipline to do so. Luckily I started working with Ruth Mott. She continually gave me sound advice, the guidance and a structure to help me manifest my goals. Thank you Ruth!" Ken Sazama