Powerful, Memorable Delivery

Presentation Skills: Craft & Convey

As a former film and television producer/director, I see presentations uniquely from an audience perspective. I will coach you as "talent," not simply as a presenter. I will help you overcome the jitters, identify your unique strengths, and help you craft your presentations so they are powerfully written, staged, and delivered.

I will help you:

Give your message direction, meaning and clarity by:

  • Composing core themes aligning with your passions and interests

Grab and keep your audience’s attention by:

  • Designing your "opening" so the audience is with you from the start
  • Structuring the "body" so they stay actively engaged

Hone and leverage your own presentation style by:

  • Recognizing the effect of your body language, voice, and presence

Sharpen your delivery, message and presentation by:

  • Choosing the best language, the best metaphors, and the best graphics
  • Creating dramatic moments so your audience gets the full impact of your message

Send me an e-mail or call me today at (888) 209-5587 for help with creating strong, distinctive presentations resonating with you and your audience.

"If Ruth had only done what I expected and coached me on my technical presentation, I would have been more than satisfied with her work. But she went a step beyond and guided me through the process of discovering what might be holding me back from unleashing my own uniquely powerful presentation style." Tony DiRomualdo