Nate L., , Supeintendent of Schools  
"Ruth's coaching helped me land the job of my dreams."
C.raig G., Global Head of Special Projects, Fortune 500 company
"Working with Ruth allowed me to learn more about myself. I gained insights into different approaches 
 to problem solving. Ruth always made me feel comfortable and confident with my decisions." 
Allan C., Private Consultant
"In the years that I have been working with her, Ruth has enabled me to find what is true about me. 
She takes a no-nonsense approach to bringing out and sharpening my strengths."

John V., Publisher 
"When I finally write the book on everything I've slogged through in my career, it will be dedicatd to
Ruth Mott."
Sandra H., Ceo Benchmark 
Ruth is truly brilliant! Fun, firm in her resolve to help me help myself. Her depth of compassion always
equates to wisdom."